My Top 5 Travel accessories

Winter is finally over and spring is almost here.

My favorite season of the year is Spring. Why? Here are my 3 reasons

  1. my birthday is in spring
  2. warm weather – best weather of all
  3. i like to travel during spring and summer because i like the sun and water.

Its been awhile since I last posted and let alone in a coffee shop aka SB.

If theres one thing in the world i could do right now, it would be to travel around the world with my family and meet new people in those new places.

I’ve been waiting for spring to come especially my birthday because I always want to travel out for my birthday, my last trip was in 2017 and I was about 5 months preggers with my 3rd and last child. As much as I would love to spend my money and travel, i decided to focus those 2 years on doing something I’ve never done ever. paying off loans. I am so close to paying it off but circumstances got in the way, i wasn’t disciplined like i should have been but i am determined to pay it all off this year in 2019.

For the past 3 months, I’ve been writing down my list of travel accessories because I am finally going out of the country after 12 years. when it comes to accessories i like to buy quality and luxury items well because they look good and last longer. I know most people they don’t care for that, but I do.

My top 5 travel accessories:

  1. travel backpack- i really like leather look but also luxury brand.  >>>
  2. travel clear jars – for lotion, shampoo, conditions >>>
  3. carryon w/ wheels >>>
  4. travel pillow >>>
  5. tote/crossbody bag – large enough and light to carry my essentials – phone, charger, camera, wallet, makeup etc.  >>>

These are essential accessories even if its for the weekend.

Even if I am just going to another state for the weekend for my birthday, its always an adventure because California is large and I’ve never been to alot of places there. I have been waiting to get out of vegas and travel. I think Vegas is ok to live but I always want to get out of this place that I live especially if you’re the type of person who grew up near the ocean for most of your life. I don’t like to swim much now that I’m older, i just like to relax at the beach.


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