Passion for Photography

Have you ever thought you can make a living doing something you love and enjoy? Something that can also be evergreen? Evergreen, what’s that? The first time I heard that term was when I listened to all these entrepreneur podcasts on my iPhone. I would say anything in the arts is usually evergreen but most  are in photography and video, because theres so many people out there that always want to learn those types of art and technology is always growing and improving.

I’ve always loved art since I was kid, but it was when I went to college when I was inspired to do graphic design and photography. It was a passion of mine back then and still is. Everytime I tried to go and do other things, it always lead me back to those types of art. It just comes natural to me. I have so many ideas and designs that most people will never see, but I have put some out there for the world to see. Check out my very first online portfolio here:

There’s so many places online to make a living off photography and graphic design. One of the sites I recently came across, I actually signed up a year and half ago was photographer program, but you know, life happens and I got distracted and totally forgot about it. Well I’m finally starting to go back to it since I am feeling inspired and creative lately.

This program is awesome and if you’re into photography and graphic design, I highly recommend. I haven’t tried any of the design challenges yet but I will soon. The prizes for the winners are cash and who doesn’t like cash and also your design gets featured on their site to sell and make more cash.

Please check out my store. for holiday cards, special events like wedding invitations, birthdays and announcements.

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