How to Start a Travel Blog and Monetize it

Travel is one of the top blog topics that you can start and make money from. 

With the rise of Instagram photos and Youtube videos, a lot of people can now discover places around the world they never knew existed. Thanks to those Instagrammers and Youtubers for sharing their experiences on their social media profile, it makes us (well for me anyway) want to travel to that city or country.

How to Start a Travel Blog?

Before you start a travel blog, your #1 reason should be is knowing WHY you are starting. Are you starting it because you want to share your experiences, wanting to be a travel influencer so you can network with other brands and get accommodations, or are you trying to monetize it with affiliate products and your own products?

As for me, my why was I wanted to share my experiences and monetize it so I could travel around the world and check off my bucketlist. In the long term, I would love to become a travel influencer and network with others.

I love Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube because of the influencer showing their pictures and videos and also because I want it to be my new lifestyle. It’s a dream of mine to travel.

I was also heavily influenced by watching Anthony Bourdain on Netflix and other related shows.
To keep moving forward and keep going because life is too short.

I have to admit it’s easier said and done. If you’re new to the blog world and have little technical experience such as SEO and wordpress plugins, it‘s tough to get people to click to your website.
I can create visual content but having them to go to my travel site has been challenging. 

Here are 7 ways I am able to monetize my travel blog.

  1. I signed up for affiliate programs like Amazon and it’s free. How I monetize? I searched for products that I have used and would recommend and I would write a review blog post and include the image and create my affiliate link of the product.
  2. I also create visual graphics of the products and link the actual affiliate product on my pinterest image. 
  3. I add product images and text information as affiliate links on my side bar(widget). 
  4. I created a shop link on my site where I can add all types of products.  The shop is provided with woocommerce. 
  5. I create youtube videos about travel and products I am trying to sell.
  6. My site is not only in travel but also lifestyle niche – tech, fashion and beauty, so I can offer more content to the world.
  7. I also offer money making online tips – like how to start a blog or how to make money from a blog.


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