10 Places to visit while you’re on Maui

I was born and raised in Maui. I grew up on the island with my family. I left the island lifestyle which some people call “Paradise” in 2007 to explore the city life and start a new life with my family of my own.

Anyways, enough about me. So you’re going to Maui and you’re wondering what to do, where to go, where to eat? Well, I have a great list for you and I hope you can at least go to a couple of them while you’re there.

  1. Haleakala- This is a must to do on your list.  I dont know when you will ever get to experience being above the clouds and seeing the sunrise. I’ve been here a few times, but I enjoyed the experience alot more when I was older.
    Tips:  You do need to get up early before dawn and depending where you’re staying, it can be a long drive about 2-4 hours if you want to see the morning sunrise.
  2. Da Kitchen – One of the best local restaurants in town. All I can remember was the food was affordable and very tasty. An entree plate could feed 2-3 adults.
  3. Beaches in Kihei- the best beaches on the South side, maybe because I used to live in that area. Anytime of day is always best to go, but my favorite is just before sunsets. I love Sunsets!
  4. Lahaina – definitely a tourist attraction, you can walk along the street with ocean views, lots of shops,  and restaurants.
  5. Attend a luau show – I’m not exactly what show is the best, but just attending one at the hotel is definitely a great experience.  You get to dine great food outdoors with an ocean view, great weather and an amazing show of the Hawaiian culture.
  6. Iao Valley – This is a tourist spot because of its green scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails. Also it is a local area where I did have some memories with friends and family just having a barbecue.
  7. Road to Hana – This a long drive and a narrow one too. I’ve done it a couple of times, but I get carsick so if you are those type of people who do get carsick, you may not want to go or you could take an over the counter medicine to help.
  8. Shopping – I love to shop more than you know, but one thing I do when I travel is I like to get a few souvenirs when I travel out. Its usually a good memory to have other than in your mind.
  9. Sunset Dinner Cruise – If you love the ocean, the sunset and food, this is definitely a must to do on your list.
    Tip: Check the weather forecast if its cloudy or windy. You definitely dont want it to rain while having dinner.
  10. Water activities such as snorkeling, surfing and parasailing. I  personally have not experienced any of these but I’m sure alot of you would want to do these things. These are on my bucketlist on my next trip back home to the islands.

    General Tips:
    Bring lots of sunscreen
    A pair of Flip flops
    Sunglasses and or Hat

    The best time to visit is pretty much anytime of year. The weather is usually in the 80s.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Maui and also have a chance to experience the other islands. It’s truly a beautiful place to be in and very relaxing.