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Blog Photography Tips

You have a blog, but you also want to add some pretty or cool photos on it?

So where do these bloggers get them?

It’s not hard these days to add some nice photos to your blog because a lot of photographers upload them online for free of personal and commercial use. I know because I am one of those people. I don’t consider myself as a professional yet but more as an enthusiast photographer.

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Some of the stock photo sites that I contributed are and
If you do a google search for stock photos, you can definitely find a lot of sites to get free and premium stock photos.

I’ve read a lot of blogs and their photos are usually what makes me go to their site and wanna read more. I am drawn to a lot of bright, white and pink photos because that is the theme I have for this travel and lifestyle blog site. For my stock photo site on, it’s a cohesive theme and I chose those color palettes because my target audience is mainly female creative entrepreneurs.

As a blogger, you need to choose something that is who you are and also your target audience. If your blogging about health and wellness and your target audience is both female and male, you definitely dont want something  pink all around with pretty pictures. You would definitely go with pictures that show someone exercising and neutral color palette that appeal to both men and women.

As a self made graphic designer, I usually like to take my own photos for my blog. When I am limited on time, I’ll see some really nice stock photos and use those instead.

Here are some of the blog photography tips that can help you improve your skills.

Tip 1. If you own a smartphone, the camera is pretty awesome. You don’t need a DSLR to take some nice photos. If you don’t know much about your camera smartphone, I do recommend you do some research on youtube videos on using your smartphone camera. I’ve learned so much after watching a few videos and now my photos are instagram worthy.

Tip 2. If you own a DSLR, that is also a great camera to use for your blog. I own a Canon DSLR and it can also record videos in high quality so you can do a vlog for your youtube channel if you have one. You also want to make sure you have a tripod so it stabilizes your camera. Most of the camera brands now have an app to connect your camera so you can view them on your phone after you take a photo.dslr camera


Tip 3. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for so many years but with the evolve of apps such as Canva, Desyner and all these other awesome apps to edit your photos directly on your phone, I decided to take a break from Photoshop on my Macbook. Using the apps, saves me so much time especially when I don’t feel like logging into my laptop.

apple macbook

Tip 4. Lighting. A picture with a lot of natural light will make it 10x better. Not only will you have to edit less, a lot of people respond to brighter photos than darker ones.

Tip 5. Take as much photos as you can and edit the ones that are your favorites. My favorite apps to edit is VSCO and CanvaPro. You can also edit the photo using your smartphone’s editing tool, but I like to use elements such as adding text and shapes to edit my photos.

The best tip of all, is always have Fun when you take photos. We always want to get that money shot but photography is art and when you create, you should be having fun.


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