How I balanced my work + life

Last Friday was my official last day of working at ATI. Its been over 5 1/2 years of full time office work plus being a mom to 3 kids.

I always knew I wanted to be a working mom but WAHM (work at home mom) or Momprenuer( mom + entrepreneur) about 7+ years ago because the internet was growing and alot of people were sharing their stories that its possible.

In 2012-2013 i went to spa massage school because i wanted a career change and spiritual life change. I wanted to be able to help people heal and I still do. one of my dreams is wanting to own a spa and make it a franchise prefer in Asia.

I started my massage business in 2013 and provided services part time up until September 2014 when i found out i had my 3rd child.

Ever since then I never had energy to get back to it and got comfortable in my Ati office job until october 2019.

The lessons I learned in my business-

  1. I never had a business plan, a plan b or c if A didnt work out
  2. I gave up too soon –
  3. I limited myself to certain clientele.
  4. I took some easy way out- I was afraid to fully market myself as a licensed professional.
  5. I should have prepared financially. I got cash in my bank account or in my hand everyday but i didn’t save or invest it instead I spend it so quickly.

I had to learn these lessons so I could prepare for this new chapter in my life.

It was difficult to leave a comfortable salary with benefits, however, the working hours and my passions/interests was not ideal for the lifestyle I wanted which was to work less and live more on my values.

My values have changed as I grew older and my kids needed me. I wanted to take care of my health,although i stopped being active after having Jaselle and Jj, i wanted to make my health a priority when I left.

I still wanted to be a morning person and so I decided working out in the morning is best and I feel so much better.

For some people, working out later in the day is better, i highly recommend a morning workout. I think you will feel better throughout the day and have more energy.

Spending time with people you love, doing the things you want most is better than making alot of money.

Everyone wants to make alot of money or at least have a lot of it in the bank account.

Time is valuable and you can always make $, you may not have the amount you want, but you can never make more time. Once the time passes, its just a memory.

I’ve  been working since I was 16 and i chose to work at a young age because i wanted to buy the things my parents didnt want to buy for me growing up.

I’ve always worked and over the years you find things youre interested in but a few things stuck with me and it was always in design and computers.I had some side hustle jobs with it, but it was more of a hobby because I had to work to pay bills- car, rent, gas, utilities and whatever bills i had, kids needs. with the internet growing and what is possible to do what your passionate about and making a living from it.

I’ve decided to pursue it consistently but also work part time for my husband company-finance area.

I have alot of interests and so I never get bored because of who I am. I chose to always be learning and improving. To live creative and the kaizen way.

With all that said, how do you balance your work and life?

  1. if you can quit your job and have some cash for 3-6months expense, pursue your passions, if you want or need to stay at your job, that is fine too.
  2. Define your values. What are your values in life? family? health? savings/investments? relationships? career? whatever it may be, id focus on your top 3.
  3. Always take time for yourself and then schedule time for your values. whether its family, your business or your health.

Anna Matias is a content creator, mom of 3, wife, a creative person who loves Jesus Christ and all things art and tech.

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Apple iPhone  xs max-

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Apple Macbook –

Summer 2019 Update

Its been 5 months since my last post. There were so many things that have happened, most of them good and I will share them via multiple blog posts, IG, FB and Youtube.

I will try to be more consistent and post at least every week or two. I always tell myself to write daily but I often get tired and distracted. Summer is almost over and I’m ready for the new season “fall” which is my 2nd favorite time of year. Spring is my #1 since my birthday happens to be in March.

Recap since my last post in March

1. I had my birthday celebration in Cali – LA for the weekend. I always want to travel out for my birthday and if only I was richer, we’d go out of the country with the 5 of us every year.

2. We also went to Cali again in the first week of May. I had planned to go with Angel to our first BTS concert experience but it was sold out and expensive. We plan to go next year in 2020. Anyways, we went to Disneyland, much thanks to Paula for the free passes. It was nice but tiring with the two.

My parents and other relatives from Maui came to visit mid May and so it was great to be with them every night they were here in Vegas. We did eat alot more than usual- but it was all good.

3. We also had Jaselle 4th birthday @ LOL kids club in June. Other than that, just worked,  did some planning and preparing for our trip to PI and S. Korea in July.

4. July was the best month because I was off work for 2.5 weeks and out on vacation . We finally got to use our passports and go out on a real vacation. I will upload photos and videos on a separate post but here are some photos we have from LAS to MNL to DVO and ICN. fyi those are airport codes.

My Top 5 Travel accessories

Winter is finally over and spring is almost here.

My favorite season of the year is Spring. Why? Here are my 3 reasons

  1. my birthday is in spring
  2. warm weather – best weather of all
  3. i like to travel during spring and summer because i like the sun and water.

Its been awhile since I last posted and let alone in a coffee shop aka SB.

If theres one thing in the world i could do right now, it would be to travel around the world with my family and meet new people in those new places.

I’ve been waiting for spring to come especially my birthday because I always want to travel out for my birthday, my last trip was in 2017 and I was about 5 months preggers with my 3rd and last child. As much as I would love to spend my money and travel, i decided to focus those 2 years on doing something I’ve never done ever. paying off loans. I am so close to paying it off but circumstances got in the way, i wasn’t disciplined like i should have been but i am determined to pay it all off this year in 2019.

For the past 3 months, I’ve been writing down my list of travel accessories because I am finally going out of the country after 12 years. when it comes to accessories i like to buy quality and luxury items well because they look good and last longer. I know most people they don’t care for that, but I do.

My top 5 travel accessories:

  1. travel backpack- i really like leather look but also luxury brand.  >>>
  2. travel clear jars – for lotion, shampoo, conditions >>>
  3. carryon w/ wheels >>>
  4. travel pillow >>>
  5. tote/crossbody bag – large enough and light to carry my essentials – phone, charger, camera, wallet, makeup etc.  >>>

These are essential accessories even if its for the weekend.

Even if I am just going to another state for the weekend for my birthday, its always an adventure because California is large and I’ve never been to alot of places there. I have been waiting to get out of vegas and travel. I think Vegas is ok to live but I always want to get out of this place that I live especially if you’re the type of person who grew up near the ocean for most of your life. I don’t like to swim much now that I’m older, i just like to relax at the beach.


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Considering a lifestyle change

2019 was the year I have been waiting for awhile to come. Why? because it was the year that will change my life and my family’s lives as well. We have big dreams and plans for this year. Sometimes things happen in between your dreams and plans and you get pushed back further because of those circumstances. I do have the power to change them or keep moving forward. I’m a very optimistic person because I chose to be and I’m also a Christian. When you read Gods word, it gives you hope, strength, courage even through your trials in life. 

I had a rough start in January and it carried on till now. There were some good days in between but other than that, most were not or they were ok. I’ve always wanted a lifestyle change since I was in my late 20s. I don’t know if people have a mid crisis but I did. I’m also very ambitious and I like to learn new things especially in the creative and technical areas. My life really changed when I became a Christian. It made me dream bigger, not really on material things but rather my purpose to help people. I didnt know what that was until maybe I was 29-30. I became an LMT and as much as I enjoyed it, I didnt have a business plan or a backup plan if things didnt work out. I wouldnt say I failed my business, I gave up too early and I wasnt prepared of how it was going to affect me and my family. So after a year, I had to make a new decision, that was going back to being an employee. I got blessed when I got a job that I wanted. I am very thankful for it, but as the months and the years go by and circumstances arise, you start reconsidering a new lifestyle. You look back at what happened, you start asking yourself questions and at the same time you need to be practical because other people depend on you and it holds you back from taking another risk. 

I had thoughts of wanting to travel and move to another country for a few months for the experience, to live in a new environment and rediscover your purpose in life in the past. I’ve always know who I am in my 20s and its been challenging to pursue it in full force because my energy is sucked in by my day job, my kids and all the things around the house. Tonight for the first time ever, I actually thought of truly wanting to move out of the country. My parents are retiring soon and I am looking for a change. I would like to wake up and just live and not worry of what to wear, what time do i need to leave to get to work, where do i eat lunch and how long should i take a break, what time do I pick up my children, do I cook dinner or buy dinner and what time can I actually shower and or go on my MAC. I missed when I was on maternity leave for 3 months straight, even if I wasnt 100% feeling okay. I never had to think about those things, I did most of the things I wanted to with no  time limit. I have several months to think about whats important and focus on that, what goals did I plan and how do I achieve them this year. One thing is for sure is I definitely want a lifestyle change. I need to find my life balance once again. I know God will guide me throughout this journey in life as he has always done and continues to do so. 


Passion for Photography

Have you ever thought you can make a living doing something you love and enjoy? Something that can also be evergreen? Evergreen, what’s that? The first time I heard that term was when I listened to all these entrepreneur podcasts on my iPhone. I would say anything in the arts is usually evergreen but most  are in photography and video, because theres so many people out there that always want to learn those types of art and technology is always growing and improving.

I’ve always loved art since I was kid, but it was when I went to college when I was inspired to do graphic design and photography. It was a passion of mine back then and still is. Everytime I tried to go and do other things, it always lead me back to those types of art. It just comes natural to me. I have so many ideas and designs that most people will never see, but I have put some out there for the world to see. Check out my very first online portfolio here:

There’s so many places online to make a living off photography and graphic design. One of the sites I recently came across, I actually signed up a year and half ago was photographer program, but you know, life happens and I got distracted and totally forgot about it. Well I’m finally starting to go back to it since I am feeling inspired and creative lately.

This program is awesome and if you’re into photography and graphic design, I highly recommend. I haven’t tried any of the design challenges yet but I will soon. The prizes for the winners are cash and who doesn’t like cash and also your design gets featured on their site to sell and make more cash.

Please check out my store. for holiday cards, special events like wedding invitations, birthdays and announcements.


10 Places to visit while you’re on Maui

I was born and raised in Maui. I grew up on the island with my family. I left the island lifestyle which some people call “Paradise” in 2007 to explore the city life and start a new life with my family of my own.

Anyways, enough about me. So you’re going to Maui and you’re wondering what to do, where to go, where to eat? Well, I have a great list for you and I hope you can at least go to a couple of them while you’re there.

  1. Haleakala- This is a must to do on your list.  I dont know when you will ever get to experience being above the clouds and seeing the sunrise. I’ve been here a few times, but I enjoyed the experience alot more when I was older.
    Tips:  You do need to get up early before dawn and depending where you’re staying, it can be a long drive about 2-4 hours if you want to see the morning sunrise.
  2. Da Kitchen – One of the best local restaurants in town. All I can remember was the food was affordable and very tasty. An entree plate could feed 2-3 adults.
  3. Beaches in Kihei- the best beaches on the South side, maybe because I used to live in that area. Anytime of day is always best to go, but my favorite is just before sunsets. I love Sunsets!
  4. Lahaina – definitely a tourist attraction, you can walk along the street with ocean views, lots of shops,  and restaurants.
  5. Attend a luau show – I’m not exactly what show is the best, but just attending one at the hotel is definitely a great experience.  You get to dine great food outdoors with an ocean view, great weather and an amazing show of the Hawaiian culture.
  6. Iao Valley – This is a tourist spot because of its green scenery, waterfalls, hiking trails. Also it is a local area where I did have some memories with friends and family just having a barbecue.
  7. Road to Hana – This a long drive and a narrow one too. I’ve done it a couple of times, but I get carsick so if you are those type of people who do get carsick, you may not want to go or you could take an over the counter medicine to help.
  8. Shopping – I love to shop more than you know, but one thing I do when I travel is I like to get a few souvenirs when I travel out. Its usually a good memory to have other than in your mind.
  9. Sunset Dinner Cruise – If you love the ocean, the sunset and food, this is definitely a must to do on your list.
    Tip: Check the weather forecast if its cloudy or windy. You definitely dont want it to rain while having dinner.
  10. Water activities such as snorkeling, surfing and parasailing. I  personally have not experienced any of these but I’m sure alot of you would want to do these things. These are on my bucketlist on my next trip back home to the islands.

    General Tips:
    Bring lots of sunscreen
    A pair of Flip flops
    Sunglasses and or Hat

    The best time to visit is pretty much anytime of year. The weather is usually in the 80s.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Maui and also have a chance to experience the other islands. It’s truly a beautiful place to be in and very relaxing.


The first online business I created was

I contemplated on what I wanted to build. I wanted to incorporate all the things I enjoyed the most which was my graphic designs and fashion, so 7SDESIGNS was created.

You will find some of my graphic designs and also shop my favorite fashion styles.


10 Things to Pack for Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas since January 2007, almost 12 years and I can’t say I love it here because I like to live where there is a beach. I think it’s alright to live here, but I think if you’re just visiting, you will definitely enjoy it. I first came to Vegas when I was 21 and it was like WOW! All the lights, casinos, shows and especially the food. It was awesome and I got experience with my loved ones which made the trip better.

I didn’t really know what to pack when I first came to Vegas, but it really depends on the season you come to visit. Lately, the heat has been staying longer from April - October. That is six months of heat. It tends to be cold or hot in April, but otherwise, it’s warm and then extremely hot 100+ in June -September.

  1. Lip Balm - Its really dry here and you definitely need that lip balm everywhere you go.
  2. If you’re coming during April - October. I would definitely bring 1 light jacket or 1 long sleeve, the rest should be shorts, short sleeve tops, tank tops, flip flops and sneakers for walking.
  3. If you’re coming during November - March. I would definitely bring jackets, long sleeves, maybe a scarf and boots.
  4. For the girls - crossbody or messenger style bag for easy on the go when shopping and or walking around the strip.
  5. If you plan to go clubs, Ladies - nice dress and heels ; Men - nice button down shirt, jeans and dress shoes. Boots are not accepted.
  6. Camera/Video - Although our smartphone can take awesome pics/video, sometimes a better camera/video can be better if your like me. I love to take high quality pictures and video so I can showcase them online and print them.
  7. Of course - your toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, perfume/cologne. I do like to bring my own shampoo/conditioner in travel size because I am really selective when it comes to my hair.
  8. Lotion because its really dry. I mean it.. It is really, really dry here. Vegas is the dessert. When I was in Hawaii, I rarely put lotion, but when I moved here. It’s definitely a must.
  9. Sunglasses or a Hat - I have to wear sunglasses everyday because I am always out everyday. The sun is hot and you definitely want to protect your eyes.
  10. Sunscreen - Look for a makeup or lotion that has sunscreen protection. Especially when you go out during the summer.

I know there’s a lot more, but I’ll keep this list to ten items.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave any comments or email me.

Enjoy your visit to Vegas! The best time to visit is April or October.